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Sport, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

 Mohummed Alkhraiji

Mohummed Alkhraiji

Research Scholar



I received my BA in Physical Education from King Saudi University, Saudi Arabia. After finishing my bachelor degree, I have been promoted a faculty position at King Saudi University as an assistant teacher at the Department of Exercise Physiology, College of Sport Sciences and Physical Activity. There, I had the opportunity to work as a research assistant for one year in a study that was conducted to assess lifestyle and sedentary time in relation to body mass index among girls in secondary schools. From there, I realized that physical activity is important from childhood to ensure a healthy lifestyle at adulthood, which could help reduce non-communicable diseases risk factors.

I have been offered a scholarship from King Saudi University to earn a master degree in Exercise Science and Health from the University of Idaho, United States of America. Following my master completion, I had the opportunity to upgrade my scholarship to a Ph.D. degree. Since I am inserted in investigating youth lifestyle especially physical activity, sedentary time, and cardiorespiratory fitness, I found that the Children's Health & Exercise Research Centre (CHERC) is the right place to purse my Ph.D. degree. My Ph.D. research will focus on children physical activity and non-communicable diseases risk factors.


B.A. Physical Education, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

M.S. Exercise Science and Health, University of Idaho, United States of America 

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