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Sport, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

 Stephanie Duncombe

Stephanie Duncombe

PhD Student



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Journal articles

Duncombe S (In Press). Making a HIIT: Methods for quantifying intensity in high-intensity interval training in schools and validity of session rating of perceived exertion. Journal of Sports Sciences
Liu Y, Williams CA, Weston KL, Duncombe SL, Malik AA, Barker AR (2024). Validation and Calibration for Embedding Rating of Perceived Exertion into High-Intensity Interval Exercise in Adolescents: a Lab-Based Study. Pediatric Exercise Science, 1-7. Abstract.
Forstmann N, Meignié A, De Larochelambert Q, Duncombe S, Schaal K, Maître C, Toussaint J-F, Antero J (2023). Does maternity during sports career jeopardize future athletic success in elite marathon runners?. Eur J Sport Sci, 23(6), 896-903. Abstract.  Author URL.
Duncombe SL, Barker AR, Price L, Walker JL, Liu Y, Paris D, Stylianou M (2023). Making a HIIT: co-design of high-intensity interval training workouts with students & teachers within the curriculum. BMC Public Health, 23(1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Duncombe SL, Barker AR, Price L, Walker JL, Dux PE, Fox A, Matthews N, Stylianou M (2022). Making a HIIT: study protocol for assessing the feasibility and effects of co-designing high-intensity interval training workouts with students and teachers. BMC Pediatrics, 22(1). Abstract.
Stylianou M, Woodforde J, Duncombe S, Kolbe-Alexander T, Gomersall S (2022). School physical activity policies and associations with physical activity practices and behaviours: a systematic review of the literature. HEALTH & PLACE, 73 Author URL.
Duncombe SL, Barker AR, Bond B, Earle R, Varley-Campbell J, Vlachopoulos D, Walker JL, Weston KL, Stylianou M (2022). School-based high-intensity interval training programs in children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis. PLOS ONE, 17(5), e0266427-e0266427. Abstract.
Duncombe S, Barker AR, Price L, Walker JL, Stylianou M (2022). Was it a HIIT? a process evaluation of a school-based high-intensity interval training intervention. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 25
Croisier E, Hughes J, Duncombe S, Grafenauer S (2021). Back in time for breakfast: an analysis of the changing breakfast cereal aisle. Nutrients, 13(2), 1-18. Abstract.
Le Toquin B, Schipman J, De Larochelambert Q, Saulière G, Duncombe S, Toussaint J-F (2021). Is the visual impairment origin a performance factor? Analysis of international-level para swimmers and para athletes. Journal of Sports Sciences, 40(5), 489-497.
De Larochelambert Q, Del Vecchio S, Leroy A, Duncombe S, Toussaint J-F, Sedeaud A (2020). Body and Boat: Significance of Morphology on Elite Rowing Performance. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, 2 Abstract.
Sedeaud A, De Larochelambert Q, Moussa I, Brasse D, Berrou J-M, Duncombe S, Antero J, Orhant E, Carling C, Toussaint J-F, et al (2020). Does an Optimal Relationship Between Injury Risk and Workload Represented by the "Sweet Spot" Really Exist? an Example from Elite French Soccer Players and Pentathletes. Front Physiol, 11 Abstract.  Author URL.
Duncombe SL, Tanaka H, De Larochelambert Q, Schipman J, Toussaint J-F, Antero J (2020). High hopes: lower risk of death due to mental disorders and self-harm in a century-long US Olympian cohort compared with the general population. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 55(16), 900-905. Abstract.
McGovern E, Voss C, Brunner NW, Duncombe S, Harris KC, Hosking MH (2019). Pulmonary artery wall thickness in children with Fontan physiology: an optical coherence tomography case control study. Cardiol Young, 29(4), 524-527. Abstract.  Author URL.
Duncombe SL, Hosking MCK, Coté AT, Voss C, Harris KC (2018). Intimal thickening at coronary bifurcations in pediatric heart transplant recipients. Pediatr Transplant, 22(2). Abstract.  Author URL.
Duncombe SL, Voss C, Harris KC (2017). Oscillometric and auscultatory blood pressure measurement methods in children: a systematic review and meta-analysis. J Hypertens, 35(2), 213-224. Abstract.  Author URL.
Rathgeber S, Auld B, Duncombe S, Hosking MCK, Harris KC (2017). Outcomes of Radiofrequency Perforation for Pulmonary Atresia and Intact Ventricular Septum: a Single-Centre Experience. Pediatr Cardiol, 38(1), 170-175. Abstract.  Author URL.
Voss C, Duncombe SL, Dean PH, de Souza AM, Harris KC (2017). Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior in Children with Congenital Heart Disease. J Am Heart Assoc, 6(3). Abstract.  Author URL.
Duncombe SL, Voss C, Harris KC (2017). Reply. J Hypertens, 35(8), 1717-1718. Author URL.
Duncombe SL, Voss C, Harris KC (2017). Reply. J Hypertens, 35(4), 897-898. Author URL.
Voss C, Dean PH, Gardner RF, Duncombe SL, Harris KC (2017). Validity and reliability of the Physical Activity Questionnaire for Children (PAQ-C) and Adolescents (PAQ-A) in individuals with congenital heart disease. PLoS One, 12(4). Abstract.  Author URL.


Rathgeber SL, Guttman O, Schreiber R, Lee AF, Duncombe SL, Voss C, Harris KC (2017). Pathologic Liver Changes are Universally Present in Children with Fontan Physiology but Do Not Correlate with Fibroscan.  Author URL.

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